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Leadership and cooperation: 25 years of mission as a WHO collaborating center



analyse the evolution in the mission and vision of a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Nursing in Brazil in the context of the implementation of its terms of reference.


Historical-social documentary research with a qualitative approach.


During the 25 years of its activities as a Collaborating Centre, its mission to "promote and stimulate the development of nursing research in the region, with a focus on Latin America" triggered activities in the context of its terms of reference in four areas: Human Resource Formation for Research, Knowledge Production, Knowledge Dissemination, Encouragement of Exchange and Stimulus of Partnerships.


The activities developed were consolidated through the strengthening of Brazilian and international partnerships, further stimulated by the five redesignations of the Collaborating Centre in the period analysed. Thus, its vision of becoming leader and driving agent of innovations in the academic, care and political context of nursing could be put in practice.

Nursing Research, Leadership; World Health Organization; Health Management; Diplomacy

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