Nursing diagnosis related to the coronavirus pandemic infections in the Brazilian population

Diagnóstico de enfermería relacionado a la pandemia de infecciones por coronavirus en la población brasileña

Polyanne Aparecida Alves Moita Vieira Cristine Alves Costa de Jesus About the authors



To reflect on the nursing diagnoses in individuals, families or collectivity facing the pandemic of COVID-19.


The Developing Nurses’ Thinking model was considered as a theoretical framework, and the phases of critical thinking skills were applied to the identification of nursing diagnoses in the general population in the face of the pandemic.


The systematic application of the seven critical thinking skills of the proposed model and the presentation of 13 nursing diagnoses and their respective indicators were performed.

Final considerations:

It is necessary to recognize the importance of incorporating nursing diagnoses and clinical reasoning in all contexts of professional nursing care. Further discussion on the subject is also necessary, with the aim of validating the suggested nursing diagnoses, as well as their indicators, in more in-depth studies of experience reports and clinical cases.

Nursing Process; Nursing Diagnosis; Coronavirus Infections; Population; Standardized Nursing Terminology

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