Vaccination coverage and child mortality in Campina Grande, PB, Brazil

Inacia Sátiro Xavier de França Daniela da Nóbrega Simplício Fabiana Paulino Alves Virgínia Rossana de Sousa Brito About the authors

Cohort study to investigate mortality and immunization coverage of children under one year of age, identify resources, actions and difficulties to achieve goal vaccine. 2,206 children and 62 nurses from Family Health Basic Unities participated in the study. A questionnaire and semi-structured interview were used. Children's health targed acctions, the dispersion of the registered children in this unities and the number of live births; the oscillations of the percentage of vaccination, now closer or distant of the goal. The resistance of parent's vaccination, lack of inputs and ACS in some UBSF were the main barrier faced to achieve the goal. The rate of infant mortality was below 20, confirming the impact of immunization coverage.

Immunization programs; Mass immunization; Vaccination; Infant Mortality

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