Mobile pre-hospital care reorganization during the COVID-19 pandemic: experience report

Reorganización de la atención prehospitalaria móvil en la pandemia de Covid-19: relato de vivencia

Daniela Aparecida Morais Cíntia Maria Guedes de Moraes Karina Mara de Souza Roger Lage Alves About the authors



To describe the reorganization of Belo Horizonte’s Mobile Emergency Care Service during the new coronavirus pandemic using the Plan Do-Check-Act quality tool.


Descriptive study, of the experience report type, on the reorganization of care in a mobile pre-hospital care service during the new coronavirus pandemic, from March to July 2020. The Plan-Do-Check-Act quality tool was applied for the process.


Preparation of care protocol, meetings, training, addition of ambulances, hiring of professionals, and other actions were carried out, with subsequent evaluation and monitoring. When failures or new needs were identified, actions and changes were implemented while keeping monitoring and evaluation during the work routine.

Final considerations:

The reorganization of the service through the construction of a protocol and using the Plan-Do-Check-Act as a management tool was essential to promote safe care for professionals and patients.

Emergency Medical Services; Ambulances; Coronavirus Infections; Pandemics; Health Services Administration

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