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Reflections on nursing assistance provided to the parturient

Manuela Beatriz Velho Maria Emília de Oliveira Evanguelia Kotzias Atherino dos Santos About the authors

The objective of this bibliographic study is to identify the state of the art of production published in the area of obstetrics nursing involving the birth process, to contribute to future investigations, and to assist in reflection upon this theme. Data was collected through the bibliographic analysis of the LILACS, MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and SciELO databases. Descriptors used: nurse-midwives, childbirth work, normal childbirth, and Nursing care. Five studies were selected and later catalogued in bibliographic files. The themes selected were: professional regulation, care, assistance given, link established, educational actions, administrative activities, and difficulties. While the studies recognize this professional as a capacitated, legally backed professional who offers humanized assistance and thus reaffirms normal vaginal delivery, thus proportioning dignity, security, and autonomy to the delivering mother much still needs to written in order for the same autonomy and ethical-legal respect is acquired for health care professionals and clientele.

Obstetrical nursing; Labor; obstetric; Natural childbirth; Nursing care

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