Post-treatment of Leprosy in Ceará: activity and functional limitation, safety awareness and social participation

To characterize the functional limitation, activity limitation, risk conscience, and the social participation in people reached by hansen's disease in the post-MDT period. Cross-sectional, descriptive study, accomplished in 2006. Sixty-nine residents in Sobral that had discharge from MDT between 2003-2005 participated. The subjects were interviewed: demographic evaluation, dermato-neurological exams, evaluation of functional limitation-activity-risk conscience and the restriction in social participation. Twenty (28.9%) presented SALSA scores 19 and 20 and EHF score zero. The largest EHF score was reached by two participants, with scores 25 and 28 in the SALSA scale. In the participation scale 37 (53.6%) didn't present restriction and had EHF scores zero. Two (2.9%) with EHF score zero had mild restriction, and 1 (1.5%) severe restriction. This study reaffirms the potentiality of these tools for integral care of people reached.

Leprosy; Risk; Activities of daily living; Consumer Participation

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