Virtualization of the Brazilian Nursing Week in the COVID-19 pandemic: the novelty and the tangible

Virtualización de la Semana Brasileña de Enfermería en la pandemia COVID-19: la novedad y lo tangible

Luiza Mara Correia Ricardo de Mattos Russo Rafael Mercedes Neto Juliana Amaral Prata Magda Guimarães de Araujo Faria About the authors



to report the virtualization experience of the 81st Brazilian Nursing Week of a public university in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


an experience report with descriptive approach on the planning and virtual operationalization of a traditional nursing event, which took place in May 2020.


the event had 543 entries and 39 activities were offered, 3 panels with the presence of international guests, 1 national conference, 3 thematic roundtable discussions, 9 roundtable discussions involving projects and extension leagues, 5 cultural activities and 17 activities in social networks (lives and videos). Final considerations: the virtualization of the 81st Brazilian Nursing Week brought the learning and appropriation of new ways of debating nursing in times of physical isolation, which will contribute to an immediate future in social and work relations as well as to the collaborative construction of knowledge.

Educational Technology; Online Social Networking; Nursing; Pandemics; Coronavirus Infections

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