Perception of nursing workers humanization under intensive therapy

Percepción de la humanización de los trabajadores de enfermería en la terapia intensiva

Vanessa Cecilia de Azevedo Michelan Wilza Carla Spiri About the authors



understand the perception of nursing workers working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) regarding humanization in the work environment.


we used the reference of phenomenology, structure of the phenomenon. Participated 25 nursing professionals working in an adult ICU of a university hospital, through focused interviews, answering the guiding question: What do you understand by humanization of the working conditions of the nursing team working in the ICU?


the analysis revealed the themes: humanization in the ICU; working condition in the ICU; management of people in the ICU and management process in the ICU.

Final considerations:

humanization is necessary through the change of the work environment and the managerial process, privileging the participatory management model as a way to transform theory into practice and value the worker.

Humanization of Care; Intensive Care Unit; Health Personnel; Qualitative Research; Participative Management

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