Workshops for cognitive stimulation adapted for elderly illiterate individuals with mild cognitive impairment

Izabel Borges dos Santos Lucy Gomes Neuza Moreira de Matos Maria Sueli do Vale Fernando Borges dos Santos Carmen Jansen Cardenas Vicente Paulo Alves About the authors

The aim of this study was to assess the self-perception of memory in elderly illiterate with mild cognitive impairment, before and after workshops of cognitive stimulation adapted for illiterate individuals. The research was qualitative, held at the Health Unit of Taguatinga-DF, involving 63 elderly illiterate: 22 in the experimental group (EG), with 10 workshops; 21 in control group 1 (CG1), with 10 lectures; and 20 in the control group 2 (GC2), without intervention. Semi-structured interviews were carried on before and after the interventions, asking about memory status. The activities offered weekly to EG and CG1 have had two hours of duration. The mean age of the participants was 72.8 years, and 92% were female. In pre-intervention, 82% reported worsening memory during the last year. In post-intervention, CG1 and CG2 kept memory changes, while EG improved cognition. One concludes that the provided workshops and lectures improved functionality and socialization / integration.

Aged; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Cognitive Stimulation; Nursing

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