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Monitoring performance indicators regarding the length of care by the nursing team

Danielle Fabiana Cucolo Márcia Galan Perroca About the authors

The objectives of the present study were to: characterize medical-surgical clinic units of a philanthropic hospital and the nursing team performing in these units; identify the clientele's care profile, investigate the time length of care provided to the patients by the nursing team. Data were collected from documents of Personnel and Nursing Departments and the application of the classification instrument of patients. To calculate the care hours; the equation proposed by the Hospital Commitment Quality (HCQ) was used. The findings showed relationship of 1:1 nursing professional/bedside and variation from 0.10 to 0.21 nursing/bedside. The patients needed, mainly, minimum (47.1% to 79.6%) and intermediate (17.7% to 38.6%) care, and the average time spent by the nursing team ranged from 4.1 to 5.1 hours. The values showed that the care hours provided by the nursing team were not enough to assist to the patients' care complexity.

Nursing staff; Nursing staff, hospital; Inpatients; Classification; Workload; Quality of health care

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