Social network of family caregivers of disabled and dependent patients* * From the dissertation “Assessment of the network and social support of family caregivers of disabled and dependent patients”, School of Nursing, University of São Paulo; 2013.

Red social de cuidadores familiares de pacientes con discapacidad y dependencia

Cintia Hitomi Yamashita Jaqueline Correia Gaspar Fernanda Amendola Márcia Regina Martins Alvarenga Maria Amélia de Campos Oliveira About the authors

Cross-sectional study that used the Social Network Index and the genogram to assess the social network of 110 family caregivers of dependent patients attended by a Home Care Service in São Paulo, Brazil. Data were analyzed using the test U of Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis and Spearman correlation. Results were considered statistically significant when p<0,05. Few caregivers participated in activities outside the home and the average number of people they had a bond was 4,4 relatives and 3,6 friends. Caregivers who reported pain and those who had a partner had higher average number of relatives who to trust. The average number of friends was higher in the group that reported use of medication for depression. Total and per capita incomes correlated with the social network. It was found that family members are the primary caregiver’s social network.

Family; Caregivers; Home nursing; Family relations; Social support

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