The quality and characteristics of sleep of hypertensive patients

Características y calidad del sueño de pacientes hipertensos

Juliét Silveira Hanus Graziela Amboni Maria Inês da Rosa Luciane Bisognin Ceretta Lisiane Tuon About the authors


Analyzing the quality of sleep of hypertensive patients registered in the national registration system and monitoring of hypertensive patients.


A cross-sectional study of quantitative and descriptive analyses with 280 hypertensive patients registered in the National Program of Hypertension and Diabetes of the Federal Government in the months from August to October 2011. Questionnaires were used which allowed for tracking sociodemographic data on hypertension and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI).


The prevalence of poor sleep quality among respondents (156 hypertensive patients) and high rates of using medication for sleeping (106 hypertensive patients) was observed. Other relevant data refers to the quality of sleep among hypertensive patients using sleep medication compared to those who do not use it (p≤0.01).


Individuals with high blood pressure have a negative association with sleep quality.

Hypertension; Sleep; Sleep Apnea Syndromes; Public Health; Health Evaluation

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