Possibilities for addressing child abuse in systematized nursing consultations

Maíra Rosa Apostólico Paula Hino Emiko Yoshikawa Egry About the authors

Child abuse has been increasing, and addressing this phenomenon is within the responsibilities of health services. The International Classification of Nursing Practice in Public Health (Classificação Internacional das Práticas de Enfermagem em Saúde Coletiva - CIPESC®) is a tool that systematizes care and identifies child abuse during nursing consultations. The present study aimed to identify the limitations and potential of CIPESC® in nursing consultations with children that were victims of domestic violence. The present qualitative descriptive case study examined 15 web-based reports on violence completed by primary care nurses from the Curitiba City Council (Secretaria Municipal de Curitiba) in the state of Paraná. Although CIPESC® has shown potential, the diagnoses and interventions presented in the classifications were not fully utilized by the respondents. The reports showed worrisome limits regarding the recognition of needs and vulnerabilities involving the phenomenon of violence. In conclusion, it is necessary to contribute to the nomenclature the attributes concerning freedom and autonomy, which are essential for addressing violence, in addition to methods for evidence-based interventions.

Child; Domestic violence; Nursing dignosis; Nursing care; Needs assessment

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