The simplified version of Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System and its prognostic value

The study evaluates the competence of the "TISS-28" to distinguish inpatients at the ICU, between the ones likely to die from the ones likely to survive and to establish a threshold score for high likelihood to death. The findings obtained by the sample of 200 inpatients at 14 ICUs in Sao Paulo County showed that the TISS-28 presented association with mortality (p=0.0001). The cutting score established was 21. It was found that 80.88% of those who died had the TISS-28 score similar or higher and 68.18% of survivors had the score below 21. Furthermore, regarding to the prognostic value of TISS-28, it was showed up the accuracy of 0.72.

Intensive care; Prognosis; Disease severity rate

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