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The 15-minute family interview: a family health strategy tool* * Extracted from the thesis "Entrevista de 15 minutos: uma ferramenta de abordagem à família no Programa Saúde da Família", University of São Paulo, School of Nursing, 2010.

Entrevista de 15 minutos: uma ferramenta de abordagem à família na estratégia saúde da família

Entrevista de 15 minutos: una herramienta de abordaje familiar en la estrategia salud de la familia

The 15-minute family interview is a condensed form of the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models (CFAM and CFIM) that aims to contribute to the establishment of a therapeutic relationship between nurses and family and to implement interventions to promote health and suffering relief, even during brief interactions. This study investigated the experience of nurses from the Family Health Strategy (FHS) who used the 15-minute interview on postpartum home. The qualitative research was conducted in three stages: participants' training program, utilization of the 15-minute family interview by participants, and interviews with nurses. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews with eight nurses. The thematic analysis revealed two main themes: dealing with the challenge of a new practice and evaluating the assignment. This work shows that this tool can be used to deepen relationships between nurses and families in the Family Health Strategy.

Family nursing; Family health; Professional-family relations

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