Medication systems in hospitals and their evaluation by professional groups

Silvia Helena De Bortoli Cassiani Thalyta Cardoso Alux Teixeira Simone Perufo Opitz Josilene Cristina Linhares About the authors

This study was aimed at analyzing the medication systems in hospitals based on the opinions of 107 professionals. With regard to medical prescriptions in the institutions, 74.8 percent were handwritten and 50.4 percent of the medication distribution systems were in individualized doses. Concerning the causes of medication errors, 91 percent were associated with the professionals. For 61.7 percent, the system was adequate, but had shortcomings. Few professionals suggested changes that would favor their work. The conclusion is that the culture of attributing responsibility to the professional for the error, as well as the practice of punishment without a substantial change of the cause that led to it, persists.

Medication systems, Hospital; Medication errors; Prescriptions, drug

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