Mucositis in head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiochemotherapy

Renata Cristina Schmidt Santos Rodrigo Souza Dias Adelmo José Giordani Roberto Araújo Segreto Helena Regina Comodo Segreto About the authors

The objective of present study was to classify oral mucositis according to the Common Toxicity Criterion (CTC) international parameters in head and neck tumor patients simultaneously treated with radio and chemotherapy, and characterize a patient profile in our area, observing the individuals' habits, tumor characteristics, treatment protocol and acute reaction intensity. Fifty patients undergoing simultaneous 66 to 70 Gy megavoltage radiotherapy and cisplatin/carboplatin chemotherapy were evaluated in this study. Weekly evaluations of the degree of mucositis were perfoemed according to CTC, a four-degree ordinal scale; 36% of all patients and 100% of those with diabetes discontinued treatment due to mucositis, showing that this pathology contributes to the severity of mucositis.

Head and neck neoplasms; Radiotherapy; Drug therapy; Mucositis; Oncologic nursing

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