Study on the stress over the nurse who works in two shifts at a pediatric oncology hospital in Campinas

This is a study that aimed investigating the presence and level of emotional stress, the physical and psychological symptoms, the intensity of stress and nurses who have two work shifts compared to the ones who don't have it at a pediatric oncology hospital in Campinas. The population was made of 33 nurses in which 24 work in two shifts and 9 work in just one. In the methodology, it was used the LIPP Stress Symptom Inventory and the Visual Analogical Scale. The results enabled us to confirm that nurses classified regarding to their stress phases were on the resistance phase, regarding to the stress level they were on the average stress level. There was a predominance of psychological symptoms and nurses who had two work shifts were more stressed than the ones with only one shift.

Stress; Nurses; Shift work

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