Shift work of nursing professionals and blood pressure, burnout and common mental disorders* * Extracted from the thesis: “Risco cardiovascular e carga alostática em profissionais de enfermagem que atuam em oncologia: variáveis biopsicoemocionais e relacionadas ao trabalho”, Escola de Enfermagem, Universidade de São Paulo, 2016.

Trabajo en turnos de profesionales de enfermería y la presión arterial, burnout y trastornos mentales comunes

Jaqueline Oliveira Valdeviño Nascimento Juliano dos Santos Karina Cardoso Meira Angela Maria Geraldo Pierin Juliana Nery Souza-Talarico About the authors



To analyze the influence of shift work on blood pressure, the presence of burnout and common mental disorders in nursing professionals.


A cross-sectional study. Burnout was assessed by the Maslach Burnout Inventory, and Common Mental Disorders by the Self-Reporting Questionnaire. Casual blood pressure measurement and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) were performed.


231 professionals participated. The majority (59.7%) worked in shifts, and this condition was associated (p≤0.05) with: higher weekly workload; doing the night shift; shorter training and work time at the institution; alcoholism; leisure activity; and alteration in ambulatory blood pressure monitoring of the sleep period. The professionals with common mental disorders and who worked in shifts had lower casual diastolic pressure levels (p = 0.039) and higher hypertension prevalence (p = 0.045). The presence of emotional exhaustion was associated with normal waking blood pressure and depersonalization with altered sleep blood pressure.


Shift work was associated with a higher prevalence of work-related negative factors, inadequate habits and lifestyles, and change in sleep blood pressure.

Nursing; Shift Work Schedule; Burnout, Profissional; Mental Disorders; Life Style; Hypertension

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