Communicative reactions of nursing students regarding their first curricular internship period

Lívia Silva Bosquetti Eliana Mara Braga About the authors

The objective of the present study is to describe and analyze the reactions of nursing students, presented during their first curricular internship. It is a cross-section field study, with data analyzed according to the method of content analysis. The results describe the training field, the relationship with the nursing team, the patients and the professor in the period of training. In the conclusions, we can affirm that the stress and the contradictions experienced in the first period of internship are part of the student's growth and education. The professor is responsible for determining the type of interaction that the students will experience. He/She needs to be capable of listening, encouraging and for his/her own qualification, in order to support the students with the early experiences of the practice, so that the first internship a becomes motivating factor for the students.

Communication; Interpersonal relations; Education, nursing; Fellowships and internships

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