Production of data for the pre-natal information system in basic health units* * Extracted from the dissertation, “A produção de dados e informações para o SISPRENATAL no município de Cuiabá-MT”, Postgraduate Program in Nursing of the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, 2012.

Aline Pinto de Lima Áurea Christina de Paula Corrêa About the authors

The objective of this study was to analyze the process of data production for Information System Prenatal and Birth (SISPRENATAL) in Basic Health Units of Cuiabá, MT, Brazil. This qualitative, exploratory and descriptive study was developed in eight units of Basic Health Coordination, through semi-structured interviews with professionals who worked with SISPRENATAL (nurses, physicians, managers and data entry) and comparative document analysis between system data and the written patient records. Data analysis revealed a lack of definition of the team’s participation in the production of data and different modes of completing forms within the system. Professionals’ knowledge about many aspects of the formswas divergent, completion of the forms was inadequate, and flaws in the computerized system were identified. Measures such as professional training, the review of the system and its forms are indispensible for the production of reliable information about prenatal care in the municipality.

Prenatal care; Information systems; Primary Health Care; Obstetrical nursing

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