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Conflicts experienced by female adolescents with the discovery of pregnancy

This descriptive research with 12 pregnant teenagers was conducted in Jucás, State of Ceará. The findings were analyzed after being grouped in the thematic categories that emerged from the interviews carried out with the young women, who were asked to answer the question: How have you been experiencing pregnancy in adolescence?It was verified that pregnancy was seen as an undesired problem and that the pregnant teenagers were afraid to share their state with their family or partner. It was observed that the reaction from parents or legal guardians and the low socio-economic level were determinant for the non-acceptance of pregnancy. It was concluded that pregnancy in adolescence is an issue that belong to the realm of Public Health, and that it must be seen as part of a wider picture, in which the adolescents and their daily problems need to be considered.

Pregnancy in adolescence; Adolescent behavior; Public health

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