Association between insomnia and rheumatoid arthritis in elderly* * Paper is part of the thesis, “Sintomas de insônia e sono diurno associados à ocorrência de hipertensão e diabetes mellitus em idosos”, Graduate Program in Nursing, State University of Campinas School of Nursing, 2013.

Denise Cuoghi de Carvalho Veríssimo Freitas Thalyta Cristina Mansano-Schlosser Ariene Angelini dos Santos Anita Liberalesso Neri Maria Filomena Ceolim About the authors

This study aimed to assess symptoms of insomnia in elderly residents in the community and its association with rheumatoid arthritis. Descriptive and cross-sectional study, part of a multicentre research project entitled Fragility in Brazilian elderly . A total number of 689 elderly (68.9% female, average age of 72.2 years) were interviewed using a questionnaire on sociodemographic data and clinical conditions. Two tools to identify symptoms of insomnia (the Nottingham Health profile) and to screen cognitive impairment (Mini Mental State Examination) were also applied. For data analysis, we used descriptive statistical techniques and multiple logistic regression, considering a 5% significance level. The association between insomnia symptoms and rheumatoid arthritis was found to be significant in the multivariate analysis; other associated factors were a very poor subjective evaluation of health, being retired, and the presence of depression. Health professionals should investigate carefully the sleep quality in elderly with rheumatoid arthritis, considering its high prevalence in this population.

Aged; Sleep; Sleep disorders; Arthritis; rheumatoid

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