Validation of Nursing Diagnoses for people with chronic kidney conditions on conservative treatment

Validez de Diagnósticos de Enfermería para personas en condiciones renales crónicas en tratamiento conservador

Harlon França de Menezes Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho Paulino Artur Ferreira de Sousa Cândida Caniçali Primo Lucas Batista Ferreira Richardson Augusto Rosendo da Silva About the authors



To develop and validate Nursing Diagnoses statements of the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®) aimed at the care of people with chronic kidney conditions undergoing conservative treatment.


This is a methodological research structured in sequenced construction stages, cross-mapping, content validation by the Delphi Technique by specialist nurses, and categorization of Nursing Diagnoses.


Forty-two specialist nurses participated in the first round and 34 in the second. A total of 179 Nursing Diagnoses statements were prepared, categorized according to Roy’s adaptation model, of which 160 were validated for content, with Content Validity Index ≥ 0.80.


The Diagnoses developed and validated show the modes of adaptation to health of people with chronic kidney conditions undergoing conservative treatment, influenced by biological, psychological, social, and cultural needs, with the Physiological Mode being the most prevalent.

Renal Insufficiency, Chronic; Nursing Diagnosis; Standardized Nursing Terminology; Classification; Conservative Treatment

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