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Men and masculinity studies: a feminist framework

This article aims at contributing to the studies and researches on men and their masculinity, disclosing a gender conceptual mark, from a matrix that dialogues with feminist productions and is organized on 4 axes: 1. Sex/gender system; 2. Relational dimension; Power traits and 4. Rupture of the binary model translation on political, institutional and social organizational spheres. In order to do that, we have dialogued with contemporary productions which are based on different theoretical references and where gender is adopted as an analytical category, but which have in common (and are defined from) a critical feminist perspective. Based on this matrix, a study analysis on men and their masculinity as far as health, sexuality and reproduction field is concerned was carried out, emphasizing the need to make space for new theoretical constructions that recover the plural, polysemic and critical character of feminist readings.

Men; Masculinity; Feminist Theory; Feminism

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