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Three weddings and some reflection: notes on conjugality involving prostitute transvestites

Starting from an anthropological approach which dialogues with the queer theory, we analyze here three conjugal experiences involving prostitute transvestites. We are going to discuss the limits of those relationships, imposed by the world view that guides the transvestites, people that generally belong to the popular social layers and, in accordance to the hypothesis placed here, are tributary of a holist world view. Thus, we observe that the matrimonial relationships are strongly guided by essentialist interpretations in regard to sex and gender, assigning rigid established roles for each partner. When naturalizing sex which demands a gender supposedly coherent to that anatomy they simply do not accept as destiny, transvestites stay tied to the heteronormative matrix. Informed by a heterosexual matrimonial grammar, they find it difficult to elaborate another lexicon for the matrimonial relationships.

Transvestites; Matrimonial; Gender; Heteronormativivity; Individualism

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