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An avant-garde woman: the social trajectory of Eglê Malheiros

Maristela da Rosa Norberto Dallabrida About the authors

This article tries to understand the social trajectory of Eglê Malheiros. Heiress from a favored social origin, having quality education, close relationship with books and high accumulation of cultural capital, she acted in communist and modernist movements, graduated in Laws and chose to be a History teacher. We analyze the social trajectory through the interrelationships between social family home, school courses and professional career, aiming to find out how our social agent inherited the legacy. For this, we use the concepts of cultural capital/habitus, social capital and field elaborated by Pierre Bourdieu and resignified by Bernard Lahire. Thus, we intend to see that, in her time, Eglê Malheiros was na avant-garde woman.

Eglê Malheiros; Social Trajectory; Modernism; Communism; Teaching

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