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Intersectoriality and Actions to Face Violence Against Women


The article aims to understand the capacity of the networks built under the Maria da Penha Law and the Women of Peace project to deal with the issues of gender violence. For this purpose, the perceptions of key actors regarding the intersectoral arrangements arising from the Maria da Penha Law in the city of Belo Horizonte and the protection networks created through the Women of Peace project in Uberaba were compared, as well as semi-structured interviews with the beneficiaries of these actions. It is concluded that both actions present multiple difficulties in institutionalizing as intersectoral practices and strong partnerships with other organizations that meet women victims of violence. This evidences that despite the discourses about participation and intersectoriality increasingly present in the actions and policies that face with violence, in practice these actions had little resonance.

Gender Violence; Maria da Penha Law; Mulheres da Paz; Intersectoral Actions

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