Domestic Violence and Racism against Black Women

Christiane Carrijo Paloma Afonso Martins About the authors


This qualitative research study, which involved interviews with black women victims of domestic violence, was aimed at verifying if there were any inscriptions of the ideal of whiteness introjected in their subjectivities and at evaluating the contexts in which racism and domestic violence appear in their lives. The importance of this type of study is in highlighting the existence of the myth of racial democracy in Brazil, in its perverse face, by showing how the ego ideal of whiteness is propagated unconsciously through ideology as a way of subjugating the black racial-ethnic group to the dominant one. The study emphasizes the high rate of domestic violence against black women and the urgency of public policies for the prevention of these crimes and the protection of the victims.

Black Women; Racism; Domestic Violence; Ego Ideal; Psychoanalysis

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