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Some reflections on the study of men from the perspective of feminism and human rights

This text explores some of the agreements and disagreements in the research and intervention in the problems experienced by men. It contrasts analytical approaches linked to the concept of rights. These may either adopt a feminist or gender approach, whether explicit or not or derived from other theoretical and political references. The working hypothesis is that tensions are greater when the gender perspective is not recovered in its relational sense. Feminism and human rights are not assumed to be mutually exclusive. They may, however, have different emphases in the strategies used to overcome exclusions and identify the holders of the guarantees that enable everyone to participate in the construction of the conditions that will permit a fairer, more supportive social environment. The description of certain experiences in three fields of study attempts to show the influence of Manicheistic readings, which continue to victimize and demonize some of the persons who interact in gender relations. This limits the selection of more integral, comprehensive analytical and political categories for questioning power relations and the exercise of violence in its various senses. The point is not to discredit any of them but rather to encourage a dialogue that will make it possible to enhance the study with men as generic subjects.

Human Rights; Feminism; Gender; Men

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