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Artivism, Feminist Aesthetics and Production of Subjectivity


Given the growing subjective serialization and biopolitics capture of bodies, of the aesthetic desires and practices, it is increasingly necessary to think about the inventive expansion of our subjective territory as a form of resistance and creation. It is against this capture and docilization context that we recall the poststructuralist feminism to think about a possible feminist aesthetics as an affirmative strength that both deconstructs the traditional idea of subject and subjectivity as it produces other figurations to bodies and subjectivities. In this sense, we will take a closer look to two female artists from Parana-Brazil, Elisa Riemer and Fernanda Magalhães. We aim to talk about the relation among artvism, feminism and art in/through their work. These works of art causes the (de)construction and invention of new relations with (other) bodies, with practices of existence and subjectivation.

Feminist aesthetics; Post-identity Figurations; Artvism

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