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Production of maternity in breastfeeding incentive discourses

Eliane Cadoná Marlene Neves Strey About the authors

In this article we study several materials from the Breastfeeding Campaign, and discuss practices of incentive to breastfeeding in contemporaneity by observing how those materials disclose the roles of a mother, a father and how children should be nursed. For data analysis, we used Michel Foucault's concepts of discourse and statement, taking them as theoretical and methodological tools. In the materials, we realized the mother is held as the chief responsible for the health of her children, being her duty to take care of the children and nurture them. The father plays a secondary role in this relationship. It is when the medical professional stands out, appointed as the holder of the knowledge about breastfeeding practices, so that the mother must adhere to the expertise in favor of her child's health.

Maternity; Paternity; Discourse; Breastfeeding

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