Networks for Facing Violence Against Women in the Sertão of Pernambuco

Parry Scott Fernanda Sardelich Nascimento Rosineide Cordeiro Giselle Nanes About the authors


Our objective is to analyze institutional networks and interrelational networks which rural women put into action to face violence in municipalities of the Pernambucan Sertão in Brazil. Using fieldwork, interviews and group discussion, in collaborative research with the Rural Worker Women´s Movement (MMTR) we present the existence of a porosity between networks, which has repercussions on the political, legal and operational logic of facing violence. Both networks have contradictory postures. There are moments of aid/support and also of the refusal of support/help in avoiding and escaping from violent situations. Proposals for the implementation of policies for "women of the country and of the forest" should pay attention to some of these porous links between networks, especially those which create vulnerability and deter possibilities of guarantees of human rights for women.

Key Words:
Rural Women; Violence; Receptive Service Networks, Agency

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