Novos diálogos dos estudos feministas da deficiência

New Dialogues in Feminist Disability Studies

Ruthie Bonan Gomes Paula Helena Lopes Marivete Gesser Maria Juracy Filgueiras Toneli About the authors


This study aimed to characterize the recent production of feminist disability studies, focusing on the intersection between gender and disability. Therefore, a review of the international literature was carried out, in which articles published in the last five years in journals available in the CAPES journal portal were included. The analyzed articles emphasize that the models of understanding disability have social and political effects in the ways of thinking about issues such as corporeality, sexuality, care and interdependence. Moreover, the studied productions point out that the inclusion of disability as a category of analysis to be considered in studies and social practices has an analytical and political potential.

Feminist Disability Studies; Gender; Disability; Intersectionality

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