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The Gynecology Obstetrics in México: Between "Humanized Childbirth" and Obstetric Violence


While the ob-gyn becomes feminized, the problematization of obstetric violence increases. From these two phenomena, the article aims to describe the different positions the actors have taken on the introduction of humanized birth. These positions are ʽopenʼ, ʽintermediateʼ and ʽresistanceʼ and aim to reduce the obstetrics violence. In particular, we emphasize the explanations and reactions of the ob-gyn women when they have to face violence obstetric. The analysis seeks to show how gender and anthropology construction as a method and approach contribute to understand the phenomenon and to make intelligible this apparent paradox. In conclusion, we propose that to establish relations between the feminization of the ob-gyn and the problematization of the obstetric violence allow us an entry to understand the scope and limitations of the process of feminization of the medical profession.

Gender; Medicine; Childbirth; Obstetric violence; Anthropology

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