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Women and aging in social research (1950-2018)


The article presents a state of the art on the studies of female aging in the anglophone and Spanish speaker social sciences. Our review investigates how older women were represented in these investigations, seeking to capture the contributions of feminism to these studies. We will start by reviewing the emergence of gerontological debates on aging (1950-1970), and by analyzing the influence of feminist positions in sociological and anthropological works on the subject (1970-1990). We will also discuss the epistemological turns towards the confluence between gender and age in social studies (1990-2000), and the Spanish speaker Latin American critical contribution to this debate, articulated around the concept of social organization of care (2000-2010). In the final remarks, we will offer our reflections on the construction of a feminist perspective in the studies of female aging.

Gender; Aging; Feminism; Social Organization of Care

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