From Gabriela to Juma: female erotic images on brazilian soap operas

This paper aims at discussing some images constituted as erotic on Brazilian television. The Brazilian soap operas Gabriela (Rede Globo, 1975), and Pantanal (Rede Manchete, 1990), and their main characters, Gabriela and Juma, will be analyzed in detail. The Veja Magazine had a most influent part in constituting such "erotic" subjects through the divulging and commenting of positive, seductive attributes on the bodies of the eroticized actresses. Gabriela and Juma are important characters because they support the stereotypes of a Brazilian sensuality and the strong mundane aspects, such as sex-appeal and dark bodies. The text explores the Brazilian television production (soap operas) in order to map the images which have contributed to build the subjectively Brazilian eroticism.

Soap Operas; Eroticism; National Identity

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