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Clinical cartographies, gender devices. strategies of family health

Subjectivity is the bond of all and any kind of production (GUATTARI; ROLNIK 1986) and through it we notice the processes of subjectivation present in the making of subjects, of groups and institutions. As analysis tools we set on the idea of device (FOUCAULT, 1985; DELEUZE, 1988) as an entangled of lines that weave human relationships and, among their several lines we highlight genders as important elements in the clinical/listening intervention. With that, we aim to enlarge the universes of references in the encounters, in which the bodies affect and are affected within the contexts marked by socio-psychological, political and cultural processes which are relevant for an expansion of the 'psi' practices. In this paper we analyze the experience that we have been having as supervisor of psychology students in Institutional Clinical Psychology practice which we run in the Family's Health Programme, at Vila Progresso, in Assis, interior of São Paulo, Brazil. In it, we put in evidence the need of dialoguing with other knowledges such as: Cultural Studies, Queer Theory and Squizoanalyzis. As preliminary results we noticed in our trainees' reports a larger concern with people's care assisted in the place that are beyond the psychological readings. That is, that dialogues with social, economical, sexual, genders, political and cultural issues, increasing the analysis and conceiving human beings as hybrid, machinics and different, putting in evidence, in that way, the perspective of subjectivities in permanent construction. The need for references towards a critical and broader clinic emerges as a vital point in this process.

Devices; Genders; Subjectivities; Clinical Practices

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