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The media and the abnormal figure in the look of synoptic: the discursive constitution of feminine subjectivity

Based on Foucault studies, this article discusses notions such as masturbation, anomaly and confession technique, associated to investigation related to the female subjectivities exposed by media, whose images present models for the construction of new subjects. It also uses as analytic dispositives the studies from Bauman, based on Thomas Mathiesen, about sinoptic as a new mechanism of power operated in the media, and some others pointed out by Rosa Maria Bueno Fischer. This study intends to discuss the linguistic-discursive materiality of the testimony-confession of a black, poor and aged woman, selected from the soap opera Páginas da vida, exhibited by TV Globo in 2006, with the purpose of apprehending the sense effects that might construct one of the first signs of her "abnormality". Such discussion points to the reinvention of another picture of "abnormal", what implies in an ethic attitude, once the woman breaks with some discursive practices that come from some knowledge and power instances.

Media; Culture of Confession; Subjectivity; Discourse

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