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'Trans men': new colours in the masculinities picture?

The article discusses in an exploratory form the emergence of a new identity category in Brazil, namely "transmen". This identity is constructed as a differentiation from the lesbian identity and also from gender expressions of other groups that had their bodies assigned as female upon birth, but that later refuted this assignment without, however, affirming themselves as "men" on a permanent way. The article claims that the emergence of "transmen" has been made possible by the establishment of the transexualization process in the Public Health Care System. Furthermore, the article discusses the use of the term "transman" and some common characteristics related to those persons. The author critiques their complex processes of self-knowledge and construction of masculinities, as well as their quick capacity for non-differentiation from the stand-point of bodily modifications. Finally, the author discusses the political and subjective consequences of their visibility and non-differentiation.

Transsexuality; Transsexual Men; Recognition; Gender

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