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Quality of Life and risk factors of university professors

Albertino de Oliveira Filho Edna Regina Netto-Oliveira Amauri Aparecido Bassoli de Oliveira About the authors

The university teaching is itself very stressful and its association with risk factors can lead to negative impacts on the Quality of Life. This research aimed to analyze the perception of Quality of Life and Health and Risk Factor in professors. The participants were 293 active graduation and/or master's degree professors. The data were analyzed using the descriptive statistics by mean of Statistical Package of Social Science 13.0. For comparison of differences between groups were used nonparametric statistical resources (p <0.05). Most of the professors demonstrated positive perception of their quality of life (84.3%) and health (76.0%), thereby the investigation of the risk factors indicated the occurrence of 67.2% of excessive alcohol consumption, 56.7% of sedentary people, 37.6% of weight excess and 9.2% of smokers. Although there is a perception of good health and quality of life among professors, risk factors for health showed a high prevalence in the evaluated group.

Quality of life; motor activity; faculty

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