Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric properties analysis of the sport motivation scale-II for the brazilian context

José Roberto Andrade do Nascimento Junior Joao Ricardo Nickenig Vissoci Guilherme Moraes Balbim Caio Rosas Moreira Luc Pelletier Lenamar Fiorese Vieira About the authors

This study analyzed the cross-cultural adaptation of the Sport Motivation Scale-II (SMS-II). To this end, three studies were conducted. The first consisted of translating SMS-II to the Portuguese language and adapt its content to the Brazilian context. In the second, 364 athletes from a range of individual and team sports responded to the adapted version of SMS-II. In study 3, 50 athletes responded to the SMS-II at two moments. Study 1 showed that the Portuguese version contains clear and relevant questions (CVC>0.80). Study 2 revealed that SMS-II has good internal reliability (α>0.70/CR>0.70), except the Introjected Regulation (α>0.61/CR>0.56). Confirmatory Factor Analysis revealed that all items had acceptable factor loadings, except itens 1 and 7 (introjected regulation); the final (modified) SMS-II model had satisfactory fit and the multi-group analysis showed the invariance between men and women. Further, study 3 showed acceptable temporal stability (ICC>0.70). It was concluded that the cross-cultural adaptation of the SMS-II to the Portuguese language showed acceptable psychometric properties, however, its limitations must be explored in future studies.

Psychometrics; Motivation; Sport

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