Beliefs and expectations constituted along teaching career in physical education

The objective of this study was to analyze the beliefs and the expectations constituted along teaching career, by the teachers of Physical Education from public education in Porto Alegre. 64 Physical Education teachers participated in the descriptive study with exploratory character; they were linked to the municipal net of Porto Alegre - RS. In order to collect data a questionnaire was used, composed by open and closed questions. Information were inserted and classified by the Software Nvivo 7 adopting as resource the content analysis. In general, the results indicate that the gender and years of teaching are the factors that best discriminates the beliefs and the investigated teachers' expectations. Besides, the data has revealed that the beliefs are centered in professional and personal factors, in the content of the discipline and in the student. While the expectations reported by the teachers are related to the professional satisfaction, the perspectives are resultant from the faiths beliefs and expectations originated during teaching career.

Teachers; Physical Education; Teaching Career

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