Performance indicators in sitting volleyball

Marcelo de Castro Haiachi Bruno Ribeiro Ramalho Oliveira Marcos Bezerra de Almeida Tony Meireles Santos About the authors

The objective was to identify the performance indicators in sitting volleyball and use these indicators to compare the performance of three teams in different competitive levels. The sample consisted of 12 teams in various sports competitions: international elite, national high performance and national intermediate level. A total of 1026 rallies from 24 sets were evaluated. The scores were characterized (right moves - RM, error moves - EM and opponents' error moves - OEM) and recorded in a team finishing scout. The results showed a predominance of the RM over EM. Offensive actions showed higher frequencies in the attack, counterattack and the blocking actions. Regarding the EM the highest frequencies occurred inserve receive, serve and net touch. The information of teams presented in this study enables the inclusion of other elements to be considered in the technical and tactical training approaches.

Match analysis; Paralympic sport; Sport performance

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