Parenting style, motivation and satisfaction of baseball athletes: a correlation study

Marcus Vinícius Mizoguchi Guilherme Moraes Balbim Lenamar Fiorese Vieira About the authors

The objective of the present study was to analyze the relationship between parenting style, motivation and athletic satisfaction of baseball players in youth category. Eighty-eight players (16.20 years ±1.18) participants of the national championship of youth category responded the SMS questionnaire to evaluate athletic motivation, EMBU-p for parenting style and QSA for athletic satisfaction. Data analysis was performed by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for descriptive data, U Mann-Whitney for group comparison, Spearman for correlation between variables and a multiple regression model, adopting p<0.05. The results indicated that baseball athletes were more intrinsically motivated, have parenting styles of emotional support and are athletically satisfied, with correlations between those three variables. It is concluded that athletes with parenting styles of emotional support are self-determined and satisfied with the sport.

Baseball; Motivation; Parents

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