With this issue, REM completes one more year of activity. Nothing like doing some brainstorming:

• During a trip to France, I saw an announcement that greatly called my attention: If you were asked to follow us, it is not necessarily for you to do as the others do.

Would it be possible to think like this when an author chooses REM to publish his article?

The answer to this question is difficult. However, some facts could lead us to believe that the answer is "yes". These are: excellent periodicity, increase in the number of articles, classification in CAPES, the support of foundations, of CNPq, Capes, companies, and so on.

• However, one important issue is worrisome, as much for the editors of the magazine, as for the authors: it is the revision time. This factor is still a hurdle to be overcome for REM, and for sure, many other Brazilian magazines. The effort to involve overseas referees has still not permitted us to achieve the objective of reducing revision time; it continues to be too long. If this hurdle cannot be overcome, it could lead to a loss in the magazine's credibility.

• The increasing number of articles, associated with the visible growth of the magazine, including foreign circulation, can be considered a victory. It is good to remember that although the number of articles published in the printed issues is around 60/year, the number of analyzed articles continues to grow because they can be published online (ahead print), with DOI, etc.

• I have always had doubts about being able to clearly define an article as technical or scientific. Then, by some chance, the other day I found an article recently published by the magazine VEJA, written by Cláudio de Moura Castro, and it made me stop to reflect because it said: "To teach a theory or a principal? Afterwards, it should be applied to practical and realistic problems. They say that cognitive science that cannot be applied is not learned". REM easily fits into this idea of research and usage.

This, today, is the REM reality, but we need to overcome some hurdles.

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    Oct-Dec 2015
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