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Making Ethnography of Migrations in Pandemic Times. Research notes from the French-Italian border during the first lockdown


The Covid-19 emergency and the legislation issued by European governments have a deep impact on the contemporary migratory dimension, as well on the forms and ways of studying it. This contribution, the result of a “quarantine research”, is contextualized in the first phase of the outbreak of the pandemic in Italy and France (late February - early June 2020), marked by the national lockdown in both countries. The article proposes, first of all, a methodological reflection about the making of ethnography of migrations in pandemic times and, below, an analysis of the consequences of Covid-19 on the French-Italian border and on the action of solidarity networks with migrants in transit. The empirical material is based on twenty semi-structures telephone interviews with key interlocutors of solidarity with migrants on the border; it is also built through digital ethnographic techniques, such as the analysis of Facebook pages and blogs of the interviewed groups, and on a local, national and international hemerographic and documentary research.

Pandemic; lockdown; migrants; solidaires; French-Italian border

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