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Transnational key trajectories. Generation, youth(s), education and family in the definition of Haitian migratory projects towards Argentina


This work deals with the definition of haitian migration projects towards the cities of Córdoba and Rosario, Argentina, during the period 2007-2019. Through an analysis of their trajectories in a transnational key, it seeks to problematize some of the most recurrent statements referring to Haitian migrants in Argentina, for example, those related to poverty, the earthquake that occurred in 2010 and the way in which their relationship with the Haitian diaspora in the world. Thus, from a qualitative methodological approach, based on in-depth interviews and participant observation in different events and social spaces, it seeks to oppose certain victimized views, the definition of migration projects built generationally and transnationally from specific family reproduction strategies , which take place within the framework of a commitment to education linked to their youth status.

trajectories; transnationalism; haitian migration; youth; generation

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