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Refugees and forced migrants in Italy: the pendulum between 'emergency' and 'system'

This article aims to analyze the situation of forced migrants in Italy, with particular reference to the period between 2011 and 2014, identifying the main trends in terms of policies and practices. Beside the analysis of the nature of the flows of migrants who come to seek protection in Italy, it proposes to interpret the mode of institutional management put in place in this period as a process of continuous tension between the attempt to build a coherent and homogeneous system and the repeated thrusts to create ad hoc solutions, parallel to the ordinary system, in the name of a more or less appointed emergency that would require extraordinary strategies. The article aims to present the specificities of these different situations, investigating in particular the certain political and institutional framework, the derived forms and practices of hospitality and the relationship between these 'extraordinary systems' and 'an ordinary system' open to applicants and beneficiaries of international protection.

forced migrants; Mediterranean; hospitality; emergency; system

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