Facing Institutional Racism. Analysis of two cases of Senegalese migrants in Argentina (2012-2016)

María Luz Espiro Sonia Voscoboinik Bernarda Zubrzycki About the authors


In this article we approach the way in which state control and institutional racism in Argentina are replied from the practices of some Senegalese migrants, and for that we analyze two cases of agency: Amadou’s trajectory and Massar Ba’s death protest. In both situations we have reconstructed the strategic use that migrants have given to the state institutions, to non-governmental institutions, to the bonds with academicians and communication media for canalizing their claims and for improving their situation in the country. Thus, when visibilizing the agency of this migrant collective, we try to deprive them from the victim status and to recognize them with capacity for action, for change, for decision making, for taking initiatives and risks.

Senegalese migrants; agency; state control; institutional racism

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